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The GenerEhlist - CCFP Exam Prep, Low Risk Obstetrics & Canadian Primary Care Medicine

Jun 27, 2021


Written By: Dr. Vishalini Sivarajah
Expert Review By: Dr. Darby Ewashina

Objective One:
In a patient with a diagnosis of depression: Assess the patient for the risk of suicide. Decide on appropriate management (i.e., hospitalization or close follow-up, which will...

Jun 20, 2021

  • Written By: Darrell Vandenbrink
  • Peer Review By: Chris Cochrane
  • Expert Review By: Dr. Adrienne Stedford

Objective One:
When assessing the acutely ill patient, look for signs and symptoms of dehydration. (e.g., look for dehydration in the patient with a debilitating pneumonia).

Objective Two:
In the dehydrated patient,...

Jun 6, 2021

Written By: Chris Cochrane

Expert Review By: Dr. Nabeela Waja (Paediatrician)

Objective 1: In patients with croup, Identify the need for respiratory assistance (e.g., assess ABCs, fatigue, somnolence, paradoxical breathing, in drawing) and provide that...