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The GenerEhlist - CCFP Exam Prep, Low Risk Obstetrics & Canadian Primary Care Medicine

May 22, 2022

  • Written By Dr Jessica Dawson
  • Expert Review: Dr Jennifer Ringrose, Internist in Edmonton, AB

Hypertension is one of those issues that we encounter every day in family practice, whether in the office or acute settings. Roughly one in four to one in five Canadian has hypertension. It is a top modifiable risk factor for...

May 8, 2022

Today's episode is a continuation of Episode 9, where we delve into the details of the newborn exam, reviewing both the subtle and the serious findings you may come across. In Part 2, we cover the chest and down. We will review upper-limb birth traumas, approach to murmurs, the differential for increased work of...

May 1, 2022


  • Written By: Eleanor Crawford
  • Review By: Sonja Poole

Join Caleb Dusdal and Eleanor Crawford in review the CCFP objectives for the Key Topic 'Grief', with splashes of interesting stories and clinical pearls.