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The GenerEhlist - CCFP Exam Prep, Low Risk Obstetrics & Canadian Primary Care Medicine

Oct 30, 2022


Written by:  third-year medical student, Kim Papp, and

Expert Review By: Dr. Meghan Smith, PGY-5 in Ophthalmology, University of Alberta

Oct 24, 2022

  • Episode Written By : Kyla Freeman, FM-PGY3
  • Episode Reviewed By : Jillian Gilroy, OBGYN-PGY3
  • Hosts : Kyla Freeman PGY3, Patricia Massel MD-CCFP, Caitlen Blewett PGY1
  • Art : Aikansha Chawla

In today's episode we sloooow it right down and go back to basics to review "what is labour" and when is labour prolonged...

Oct 9, 2022


  • Written By: Sonja Poole, PGY2 FM - Yellowknife NWT
  • Reviewed By: Dr Andrew Kotaska OBGYN, - Yellowknife NWT

Some definitions:

  • Infertility = inability to conceive or carry to term after 1 year of regular, unprotected intercourse
  • Primary infertility = infertility in the context of no prior pregnancies

Oct 2, 2022


Today's episode is a little unique - Dr. Patricia Massel interviews Nicole Schmitt, a pelvic floor physio to get a whole bunch of tips and pearls about how to support your patient in pregnancy and post-partum with their pelvic floor concerns.

They said they'd be 30 minutes, but you know of course it's longer to...