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The GenerEhlist - CCFP Exam Prep, Low Risk Obstetrics & Canadian Primary Care Medicine

May 30, 2021

Written/Researched By: Braedon Paul

Peer Review By: Caleb Dusdal


STEP 1. [Objectives 1a/b/c, 8a]
Provide reassurance and develop rapport through validation of the problem and use of active listening skills.

STEP 2. [Objective 3a]
Evaluate the severity of the crisis and assess the patient’s mental, psychiatric, suicidal or homicidal, and medical statuses.

STEP 3. [Objective 3a/b/c, 6]
Ensure the safety of the patient and others through voluntary hospitalization, involuntary commitment, securing close monitoring by family and friends, or helping to remove the patient from a dangerous situation.

STEP 4. [Objective 2a/b/ , 4, 5]
Stabilize the patient’s emotional status, explore options for dealing with the crisis, develop a specific action plan, and obtain commitment from the patient to follow through.

STEP 5. [Objectives 2c/d]
Follow up with the patient to provide ongoing support and to reinforce appropriate action.