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The GenerEhlist - CCFP Exam Prep, Low Risk Obstetrics & Canadian Primary Care Medicine

Nov 8, 2020

Script By: Caleb Dusdal
Peer Review By: Thomsen D'hont

  • Objective Four:
    Suspect and promptly treat some specific reversible causes of arrhythmias even before confirmation of the diagnosis.
  • Objective Five:
    Ensure adequate ventilation and secure the airway in a timely manner. Know how and when to ensure adequate ventilation, and secure the airway in a timely manner
  • Objective Six:
    In patients requiring resuscitation, assess their circumstances to help you decide when to stop
  • Objective Seven:
    In patients with serious medical problems or end-stage disease, discuss code status and end-of-life decisions and readdress these issues periodically.
  • Objective Eight:
    Attend to family members during and after resuscitating a patient.
  • Objective Nine:
    In paediatric resuscitation, use appropriate resources to determine the correct drug doses and tube sizes. In paediatric resuscitation, know what resources you can use to determine the correct drug dosing and tube sizes. As well as how to use these.