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The GenerEhlist - CCFP Exam Prep, Low Risk Obstetrics & Canadian Primary Care Medicine

Apr 18, 2021


Researched By: Caleb Dusdal
Expert Review By: Dr Todd Hill

Objective One:
When counselling a patient:
- Set clear therapeutic goals with the patient,
- Allow adequate time,
- Evaluate your own skills,
- Recognize when you are approaching or exceeding boundaries,
- Recognize when your beliefs or biases may interfere with counselling.
- Remain aware of the risks of offering advice versus providing options and
- Pay close attention to the quality of the therapeutic relationship and alliance.

Objective Two:
For a patient who is considering or requesting referral for counselling/psychotherapy, clarify concerns and provide realistic information about the process and available resources (e.g., expectations, timing, frequency, costs, duration, homework, starting/ending the relationship if ineffective).

Plus some bonus counseling tools, resources and a review of motivational interviewing!